How can I painlessly keep track of the business expenses that reduce my income tax bill?

Keeping as much of your well-deserved earnings is a priority for every business owner and there is a painless way to do it. Enter tax deductions.

Tax Deductions For Businesses

Legitimate write offs are investments in your business that do double duty by reducing your tax bill; they are so powerful that for every dollar you spend on these investments, Uncle Sam agrees not to tax you on that dollar.

You heard that right: reduced taxes, totally on the up and up. Only certain expenses qualify for this awesome treatment, and I have done the work for you to figure out which ones. You might even start enjoying that weekend in early April that you usually set aside to cry over a box of receipts and swear you’ll get your (tax) life in order next year. [Hand raise! I’ve been there]

Before you get your hands on the world’s first (and best ;)) visual guide to what you can write off perfectly tailored to your online business, let's make sure we are clear about something:

Tax deductions are a great deal, but they are not totally free. Every business, no matter it's size, has one main tax chore to do from Day 1. They have to show that the right investments were made! I’ll show you my totally painless, foolproof method for getting this done without adding it to your to do list.

So are you ready to see this beautiful and majorly user friendly printable that shows you which expenses are legit and how to keep proof of them like you were born to do it? Get your free membership to Biz.Love.Society. to get the goods. In just a couple of easy steps, you'll have access to this awesome *free* resource (and many more).