Someone stole my program and posted it online as their own. How can I resolve this right now?

Your signature program is the heart of your business and the sum of your best work! If you are on this page, you know how terrible it is to see your exact program reposted elsewhere- making money for someone else and diminishing your brand.

Let me show you the easy steps to take action immediately, so you don’t lose one more dollar, any more brand identity, or your valuable legal rights. Read on to take aggressive action and resolve this ASAP.

The Internet is a great place to do business, but unfortunately, people who lack integrity take advantage of the ones who work honestly. I have heard the heartbreak of my clients when they call to tell me someone has stolen their program and completely understand it. I hate that- and I can help you.

Three steps to getting your program back:

First, send a demand to the person or company who ripped off your program. This sets a “notice date,” which is a super important legal tool if they refuse to back down. This is a step you can easily take yourself to save legal fees.

I want to help! Get a copy of my personal demand letter template sent right to your inbox, right now, so you can get this first step d-o-n-e for free. 

Second, start a takedown request with the Internet Service Provider. This can get your program off the infringing website in about 24-48 hours. Click here to get my help on this incredibly effective step to protecting your program from a thief. 

Third, bring a copy of your demand letter to a lawyer to discover if you have the potential to recover money from the person who stole your program, and if so, what it takes to get it. Copyright law is complex, so this step is best left to the pros. 

Whatever you do, don’t do nothing. You risk your exclusive right to market and profit from your work by letting others get away with stealing it, even if only in part. My free and affordable options make protecting your valuable content easy to do.

Fight back now by taking the first step. Opt in here for my personal demand letter so you can complete Step 1 right now.